Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Watermelon growth update

So, one of the five seeds has germinated. A little disappointing, but I'll keep watering all five in the hopes that one or more of the others comes up.

Cucumber growth update

The two different types of cucumbers appear to be doing about equally good. One of the long green ones died while another of the long green ones is stunted but not evidently dead yet. It looks like I may have to up-size their pots before I can plant them outdoors as they are really starting to take off.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Watermelon seeds planted

Not much to see here, I don't have high hopes for these. I've planted five seeds but will plant only the three best seedlings. They'll take up to 100 days to harvest and the second half of my growing season the bed doesn't get enough sun, but I'm going to try anyhow.

Garlic growth update

Here's the garlic raised bed, does't look very different from how it did in the fall.

Upon closer inspection, however, we can see a few garlic buds popping out. Shouldn't be long before they're all out.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cucumber growth update

I had not been checking the plants regularly and so when it finally occurred to me that I had to check on them, all had sprouted and all had grown quite long, searching for light. They had been in the dark, so they stretched really far. I'm going to stick with them, however, in the hopes that they will still work out. Here they are the day after I put the lights on.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cucumber seeds planted

The seven that are grouped together on the left side of the larger container are the Green Dragon while the six that are made up of the two to the right and the four others in the small container are the Long Green. There is one seed in each. From each type I will take the three best looking seedlings to plant outdoors at the end of May.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Planning for 2011

So as previously posted there is one bed already planted in garlic. I have two others. The bigger one will be all sweet potato.

The smaller one will be divided into four sections:

| | | watermelon |
| parsnips | beets |-----------------------|
| | | gr.dr cuc | ln gr cuc |

The gr.dr cuc is Green Dragon Cucumber while the ln gr cuc are Long Green Cucumber. I have the rough planting schedule as follows:
  • April 1 Start Cucumber indoors, start 7 of each type
  • April 6 Start watermelon indoors (5 seeds)
  • May 10 Start Parsnips indoors (24 seeds)
  • May 19 Beets, sow direct outdoors
  • May 26 Sweet Potato Slips (plant all)
  • May 26 Plant Parsnips outdoors (16 best seedlings)
  • May 26 Plant cucumbers (4 of each)
  • May 26 Plant watermelon (3 best seedlings)
  • July 20 Start spinach indoors (30 seeds)
  • July 27 Stop watering garlic
  • August 15 harvest garlic
  • August 15 plant spinach (plant all)

Note that the spinach planted on August 15th will be going into the garlic bed.
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